Tidskapsel/Time Capsule, 2012-13

I spent some summer holidays on the south coast of England, around the Jurassic Coast. The cliffs on the beaches there are full of fossils and I got carried away collecting stones that might contain some. In my eagerness to reveal the secrets of these rocks, I tried to open them up, smashing them with a hammer. I was convinced that I was on the verge of making a major discovery.  But I was disappointed. The stones either revealed no fossils, or worse; porous fossil remnants frittered away between my fingers in my attempt to release them. I stopped smashing stones and chose to let them remain unopened.

Later I embarked on the project, Tidskapsel/Time capsule, a series of paperworks and sculptures.

The drawings are a combination between pencil on paper and images produced using a scanner, a printer and various liquids mixed on transparent plastic. The sculptures are made off concrete, plaster and drawings on paper.